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In today’s globally-connected world, there has actually never been a more ideal time to learn a new language.

And while the reward of being able to communicate effortlessly with locals on our next holiday is appealing to so many of us, the challenge of navigating our way around seemingly unfamiliar grammatical structures, new vocabulary and in essence, a new way of thinking, isn’t only daunting, but off-putting enough not to even make the first step.

At The Language Studio, we understand the emotional investment that goes into learning a new language, not just the mental challenge.

We believe that everyone deserves to be able to speak in a way that reflects their personality. We act on this by designing a learning plan around each individual’s starting point, and use a variety of learning styles to maximise success in achieving each client’s desired outcomes, whether in group classes or using our Tailored Tuition selection.

Thought that all language lessons were the same?

Think again.

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Our Ethos

01   Applied

We ensure that what you learn with us, you will be using on your next holiday.

02   Engaging

You will come from each lesson, not asking yourself, but knowing instinctively why everything you have learnt is relevant.

03   Immersive

Language isn’t a small part of a holiday, it can define the whole experience. We will train you be present in any given conversation.

04   Outcome-Oriented

We take pride in monitoring your progress, so you know that you’re on-track to reaching your goal.

05   Useful

Research suggests that learning a language improves memory. On this course you will gain many insights, hints and tricks in order to continue learning beyond the ten hours.

Nice to meet you!

Edward Fisher, founder of The Language Studio graduated in 2010 from The University of York with BA French, Spanish and Linguistics.

His specialisms are phonetics (speech sounds) and semantics (language meaning).

He gained his teaching qualification from Cambridge Assessment English in 2013 and holds eight years’ teaching experience in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese to non-native speakers.

He loves learning new languages, so as to keep experiencing the learning process from a beginner’s perspective, which enables The Language Studio to intuitively adapt its teaching methods to an evolving client base.

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“I received both group sessions and 1-to-1 tutoring in French with The Language Studio and I feel it was an excellent experience. Edd, the tutor was engaging and incredibly knowledgeable in both classroom settings. The learning was tailored to a style that suited me and I felt that I had gained a lot from each lesson! C’était formidable ! !”

Michael Payne McGlen

Thought that all language lessons were the same? Think again.

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